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Who We Are
About antiMicrosoft UK

antiMicrosoft started in March 1997 basically to spread the word about Microsoft's bad products but more importantly their bad business practices which risk putting their competitors out of business. antiMicrosoft is based in Tyne and Wear in the UK.
The aim of antiMicrosoft is to make people think about what Microsoft is upto and to find alterantives to Microsoft products. Every single person this or any other site convinces to use alternatives to Microsoft products is a success to the antiMicrosoft campaign. Supporting Microsoft's rivals is a great way to help the competition survive because if the competition is killed we'll have no choice but to use Microsoft products.
I'm the main contributor to this site and any suggestions can be emailed to be at if you have an article you wouldn't mind printed you can email it to me at the above address or if it is a short article you could post it on my guestbook.
Updates to this site are not at regular intervals and so the only way you will know if the site will change is to keep checking back regularly.
The Mozilla Images are copyright Netscape Communications Corporation from the days when they were known as Mosaic Communications (mcom). To avoid offending Mozilla please view these sites using a Netscape browser. Thanks.
The views on this site are my own and I have no connection with Netscape or any other Microsoft rival. The use of the Mozilla logos on this site do not imply this site has endorsement off Netscape. Netscape has no connection with this site apart from I recommend them as my browser of choice.
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