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Other Anti Microsoft Sites... (in no particular order)

Microsoft and Their Untrustworthy Products - This is the site where I got my complaints form from don't forget to fill it in!

SAIE - The Society Against Internet Explorer

Boycott Microsoft Homepage - home of the Monopoly Clock

The Micro$oft Hate Page

The Microsoft Bad Publicity Page

Microsoft - Who do you have to blow today?

Microsnot - Microsoft Parody Site

The Bill Gates Love Centre

Mega$loth Windoze 95 Badges

The MSBC Superlist - A links page that aims to list every anti-Microsoft site

MSBC - The Microsoft Boycott Campaign

Welcome to Megasloth - Microsoft Parody Site

So Why Hate Microsoft? - A Windoze 95 user has had enough of Microsoft

Welcome to Microshaft - Another MS parody site.

Operating Systems...



Caldera - Makers of DR-DOS and OpenLinux

UK.LINUX.ORG - The UK's Linux Website

Linux @ Cable Internet - Connecting to a UK ISP

Web Browsers... 

Download Netscape...

Netscape Homepage

Opera - makers of the Opera web browser. Small and quick.

JavaSoft Home Page - Find out more about Java and you can also download HotJava - Sun's free Java enabled web browser.

Newsgroups... - probably the most famous anti Microsoft Newsgroup

Other Sites... - Keep up to date with the latest news and rumours

Really Bad Attitude

LinUKs - my RC5 team

Due to restrictions on time I'm unable to maintain the antiMicrosoft logo program links. You're still welcome to download the logo and display it on your site.

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SAIE - Don't use M$ Internet Exploder
Netscape NOW!