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Micro$oft Internet Crap 

Why I Hate Microsoft Internet Explorer

Although Microsoft Internet Explorer 3 is a massive improvement over Internet Explorer 2 it has still drawbacks over Netscape Navigator 3 and with the launch of Netscape Communicator coming soon (a preview release is now available free for you to try out) Netscape is still keeping ahead of Microsoft even though Microsoft is trying its best to drive Netscape out of business. 

But it is not for technical reasons why I hate Internet Explorer it is, once again, the underhand techniques of Microsoft towards its competitors. Why else would Microsoft give Internet Explorer away free if it wasn't to drive its competition out of business. Do you think Internet Explorer will continue to be free if Microsoft drive Netscape out of business, NO. They will almost certainly charge more than Netscape do at the moment and with no competition who will stop them? As they would have no competition people would have no choice Microsoft could stop the free download facility and you may have to give your credit card number before you could download Internet Explorer. If people don't take a stand against Microsoft before it's too late I expect many of my worries to become a reality. 

Microsoft are even developing a UNIX version of Internet Explorer which is the most worrying development of all but proves my accusations to be almost definitely true. Why would Microsoft develop Internet Explorer for UNIX when they don't make any UNIX software? Yes, they are even going to give this version away free too. Who also makes UNIX web browsers? Yes, Netscape, more proof that Microsoft are trying to drive Netscape out of business. So what happens to UNIX users if Netscape goes out of business? Microsoft will probably coincidentally stop making UNIX browsers so if UNIX users want to get the latest browsers the have to change to whatever the latest version of Windows is. I'm having nightmares about this already. 

Another problem being if Netscape go out of business Microsoft will have no major competition and can decide the pace of development of web technology at its own pace. This will be another area of computing that you have to do the Microsoft way whether you like it or not. If you find that you don't like Internet Explorer you'll have no choice to put up with it. 

Microsoft is a relative newcomer to the Internet market. They never got involved until the Internet was a proven success and then barged in using their massive financial resources to try and drive their competitors out of business. Help make this the most expensive mistake that Microsoft has ever made by NEVER using a Microsoft browser on the Internet. If you do, and then find yourself having to pay for new versions at a higher price because Netscape is out of business, you can blame yourself. 
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