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Leaked Microsoft Memo

I discovered this leaked Microsoft memo when reading Initially there was concerns that it was a hoax but it is now confirmed to be true. It outlines some of Microsoft's ideas in defeating their rivals in particular those in the Free Software (Open Source) world. I've enclosed the memo as is and also a version with comments by Open Source advocate Eric Raymond. Choose whatever version you prefer. I've also included links to the related slashdot articles and other interesting links. Remember if their plans were to succeed then it would reduce the level of competition in the industry making Microsoft more powerful and able to dictate the future of computing. As yu should know monopolies are a bad thing and choice is vital. Don't let Microsoft get away with it.

The Memo with no comments

The Memo with comments added

The original slashdot article announcing this

The slashdot article confirming this is genuine

A article about the memo