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Sun sues Microsoft in breach of contract

Sun are suing Microsoft over breach of their Java contract. Microsoft have branded products Java compatible which have not conformed to Suns specifications. This in effect has misled developers into thinking they were developing platform-independent Java apps which once compiled would run on any platform or Java compatible browser but instead just would run on the Win 32 (95/NT) environment or in the case of web Java applets Internet Explorer 4.
This in effect is damaging to the whole cross platform idea of Java and ties people down to Windows which is bad for the competition and is another example of how Microsoft tries to dominate the market.
So do you think Sun was right to sue Microsoft.

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What web browser do you prefer - Netscape, Microsoft Internet Explorer or another browser e.g. Lynx:

Netscape - 80%
Internet Explorer -12%
Others - 8%

Now do you agree with my view that if Microsoft drive Netscape out of business. Microsoft will not produce any UNIX web browsers meaning that UNIX users will have to change to Windows to get the latest browser?

Yes - 74%
No - 26%

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