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Windoze 95 
    Welcome to the antiMicrosoft Windoze 95 page - dedicated to alternatives to the operating system from hell. Windoze 95 came with my PC I had no option about that - I definitely WOULDN'T pay for it. Anyway I have Linux on my system and are currently exploring the possibility of FreeBSD which are both excellent UNIX clones for the PC but it can be a bit difficult to set up, but there's plenty of help and advice on Linux and also FreeBSD both on Newsgroups and on the web. You'll be happy to know that Netscape supports Linux and FreeBSD for most of its Web browser software (including the new Netscape Communicator) or if you prefer text only web browsing you can use the Lynx text based web browser. Although many major software companies still don't support Linux there's still enough to make it a good choice instead of Windoze 95 for anyone who is competent in computing.

    If you would rather have an a non UNIX alternative there are other options although I haven't examined these options as I'll probably stick with a UNIX based system. If you want an MS-DOS style operating system you could try and find a copy of IBM PC-DOS (I don't know if it still exists but it runs DOS software and even MS Windows if you really have to). You could try IBM's OS/2, a Mac (never used one but people say that in 87 the Mac was Win 95 without the problems!) and many more leave messages on my guestbook about info on other OS's.

    There is enough choice to mean that you DON'T need Microsoft products. The problem is many of these operating systems don't appeal to people new to computing but if the demand was there I'm sure someone would develop an operating system for a PC that won't put off the beginner.

    Windoze 95 Problems (a rather shortened list)

    It's too slow - Windows 95 is too wasteful on resources it uses too much virtual memory and therefore continually accesses the hard drive.
    Security - If your computer is accessible to many it is too easy to delete files either intentionally or unintentionally (pressing shift and delete also makes it bypass the Recycle Bin)
    Recycle Bin - A good idea but the files are not compressed - deleting files doesn't save disk space if they are going in the recycle bin.
    Bugs - there are meant to be over 1000 bugs in Windows 95
    Long Filenames - Long filenames such as TheOneandOnly.html are in the MS-DOS form THEONE~1.HTM - why bother with a ~? It effectively makes the DOS 8 letter filenames less meaningful. Windows 95 should have long filenames that are shortened by MS-DOS to THEONEAN.HTM this avoids all the irritating tilde characters.
    System Settings - It is too easy for unexperienced users to alter the system setup.

I know Windows 95 machines that are networked probably have better security but I had bad experiences at college when they had Windows 95 with people finding it too easy to remove files and make the terminal unusable. People who have a computer in the house and let all their kids friends use it are in a bigger danger as they have no security at all and remember...


Coming soon....What they said about Windoze 95 before the launch and what really happened.

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