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How to Help in the Fight Against Microsoft
IMAGE - Climbing MozillaStopping Microsoft monopolise the computer industry may be an uphill struggle but stopping Microsoft certainly is possible if enough people back antiMicrosoft and other similar sites. There are a number of ways to help in the fight against Microsoft.
  1. Design your own anti Microsoft site - do your own web page (or site) explaining your views on Microsoft. If you prefer humour do a Microsoft parody site. But whatever you do the more anti Microsoft sites on the Internet the better. I recommend that you include a links page of other anti Microsoft sites or a link to the MSBC Superlist ( this allows visitors to your site to look at other peoples anti MS sites so they can get a wider view about the bad side of Microsoft. You can also join the International Anti-M$ Network which is a webring of anti MS sites. Also register your site with search engines such as Infoseek for wider exposure. If you don't have any web space you can get 2mb FREE from Tripod enough to start your own anti MS site.
  2. Display the antiMicrosoft animated logo on your site. This is a small animated GIF logo with the words 'Where do you want to crash today?' Link this back to this site.
  3. Display the Netscape NOW! logo on your page. This shows visitors to your site what your preferred browser is. Link it to the Netscape download page (either or
  4. If you want to provide a link to a free web browser don't use MSIE there are many other free web browsers available that aren't marketed to an extent that it threatens the competition. Examples of which include HotJava, Mosaic and (for text only fans) Lynx.

How to help this site:

If you would like to help the antiMicrosoft site these are the ways that would prove most useful:
  1. Provide a translation of any antiMicrosoft articles. Although this is a UK site in the sense that it is written in England translations are much appreciated as it helps to spread the antiMicrosoft message.
  2. Write an article for antiMicrosoft - you are most welcome to do this an we will print it as soon as I get round to it. Although I do recommend that you try more popular anti Microsoft sites if you want wider exposure (we're still a small site). If you would like to submit an article or a translation just email it to me although it's probably worth checking to see if anyone else has volunteered before undertaking translations or writing an article.
  3. If anyone is able to provide web server space a domain name for this site (such as etc) this would be extremely welcome. There is nothing wrong with my Tripod URL but its own domain is easier to remember and also gives more flexibility over the content of the site (ie less rules and regulations over content)
  4. Any form of promotion of this site is much appreciated. Whether it is a link to this site from your web page. The antiMicrosoft logo on your site. Personal recommendation. Mention in the press. Whatever you do increasing the exposure of this site is a vast help.

What you get out of this:

Well you will join an expanding community of people who are fed up with Microsoft. You will be helping make the cause of this and other anti Microsoft sites more widespread and the more people who know what Microsoft are up to the bigger chance that legal action will be taken against Microsoft to make them comply with the anti trust laws and other laws that Microsoft seem to be blatantly breaking. You may just think that one more person won't make a difference but if all the people who thought that stood up for what they thought the majority would get their views across more often. Help in the campaign against Microsoft and we will be one step nearer to success.
IMAGE - Running Mozilla
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