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Stop the shops supporting Micro$oft

If you ever go to PC shops or look at ads in magazines you'll see that nearly every PC comes complete with a copy of Windows 95 and most retailers don't offer any choice in the matter and most that do the only other choice is Windows 3.11 and MS-DOS. Although retailers could still offer Windows 95 they should offer other non-Microsoft products as an alternative, with highly trained non-biased staff on hand to offer advice. This is very unlikely to happen unless pressure is put on retailers and PC manufacturers to stand up and offer choice some people might still want Microsoft products but if people were able to choose at purchase what operating system they wanted there would be a lot more people using better non Microsoft operating systems and, as Microsoft sales go down, Microsoft may put some effort into fixing numerous bugs in their products as they realise people will not put up with their crap anymore. 

What to do....


If enough people put pressure on companies to offer more choice and it proves to be successful there will be many advantages:  Just remember we expect choice with other products so there should be no difference in the computing industry. 
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Why IE ISP's??

Why do so many Internet Service Providers give away Microsoft Internet Explorer to new customers and class it as an advantage? Internet Explorer is free to everyone and we all know why. It is to put Netscape and other rivals out of business so when they are bankrupt Microsoft can start charging for their web browsers which will probably cost a lot more than Netscape currently do. ISP's that give away a copy of Internet Explorer are basically helping Microsoft towards their aim they fail to see that saving money by giving away something free will probably cost them in the long term when they are forced to give away Internet Explorer and pay for it because there is nothing else. Go to my antiInternetExplorer page to find out more about what I think.

What Can I do?


If more ISP's include non Microsoft web browsers with their subscriptions you will have the advantage of having a decent web browser and be happy in the knowledge that you've dealt another blow to Microsoft's domination techniques. You may be worrying that if ISP's include a web browser such as Netscape their prices will be much higher. Some ISP's that include Netscape in their price are cheaper than some ISP's that give away Internet Explorer and have also compared favourably on other matters (free web space, email, etc.) So if an ISP says that to include a decent browser would mean massive price increases change to another one to prove them wrong.
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